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One thing I think about a lot is perspective. I believe everyone sees the world in their own way and we tend to spend more of our time trying to change or predict someone's feelings and expectations than we do trying to understand them.

It's interesting to think about perspective.


If you bear with me,

Try to follow,

Maybe you can understand life,

Just a little more.

Think of color,

Any color.

We're all taught the same,




Our parent,

Our teacher,

Our mentors.

Someone points to the sky,

"What color is this?"

And in a disheveled unison we would all say,


But what if you were to see blue,

How I do?

Through my eyes,

Through my experiences.

Maybe my blue is your pink.

And maybe your green,

Is my red.

If I was looking at the sky,

Through your mind's eye,

I would see what it's like.

A soft rose sky,

Trees with leaves of passion,

A salmon river,

Lined with blades of cherry grass.

For you see,

What I do not.

And may feel,

What I cannot.

Maybe my blue,

Is your yellow.

Maybe our sadness,

Is misplaced happiness.

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