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Four Rights

Updated: May 10

I submitted this poem to a contest a couple of months ago and although it was not selected as a finalist, I still feel like it should be seen by people other than myself and a select few friends (and the judges).

But before you read this poem, I think it's important to understand a couple of things.

Throughout my life, I have had an uncomfortable relationship with organized religion due to personal experiences.

But this doesn't mean that I don't respect people and their faith.

Some of the most incredible and inspirational people in my life are religious.

And I love and respect them, regardless of my own beliefs.

But what I don't respect, is when people use religion as a weapon to spread hate.


To break someone's spirit.

Four Rights

Four rights,

Make a wrong.

Our mouths keep moving,

But nothing is heard.

Your words keep cutting,

While our blood is still poured.

Love is patient,

And love is kind.

Unless you're me,

Or one of mine.

And if your heaven,

Is like this earth,

Lead me to hell,

Still covered in dirt.

You boast of power,

Rejoice in bliss.

You envy our truth,

Yet you always resist.

Love is love,

And our love is strong.

That's why four rights,

Can still make a wrong.

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