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What's in YOUR Pants? Pt. 2

Back at it again, I'm your favorite handy dandy problem solving transman with some more insight on packing! We went over the basics in part one basically explaining what packing is and why some people decide to do it. This time around, we're going to dive a little deeper and share specifics such as brand names and products I've used. Are you ready, Freddy?

So last week, we scraped the surface of packing.

We learned that some Transmen use packing to alleviate gender dysphoria annnnd that I hate harnesses.

Like actually.

Packing can have a way of giving you a huge boost of confidence and that’s why it’s so important to find the right products for you.

As I mentioned in the last post, I never used to pack because I couldn’t find a solution that was comfortable for me.

I hate harnesses.

There was a lot of trial and error and hopefully by sharing I can save you some time and maybe even money.

The Basics

First of all.

I never knew how expensive these things could get until I wanted one. I’m not saying that it isn’t worth the money, but wow who knew a fake penis for outside the bedroom could be so expensive.


You can find yourself a basic foam insert for about $10 and a basic packer for $20. Harnesses, depending on the style, start around $25 but can get pretty pricey.

Now if you’re looking to get a Stand to Pee (STP) packer, you could be looking at spending anywhere from $50 to $200, or even more, depending on your preferences.

And yes, even when you spend $100, you still have to think about how you’re going to pack your expensive pal.

But, fear not. There are actually some ways to make your own packing gear.

You can take a jock strap or a pair of snug underwear and cut a hole towards the top in the center to hold your packer in place and then wear that under your pants. This would be similar to wearing a harness or packing underwear.

If you want to go for a freer feel, you can take a sock, cut a hole to put your packer through and safety pin it to the inside of your boxers or pants. This would be like using a Joey Packer Pouch.

The packer pouch isn’t my cup of tea, but some people love it!

Those aren’t too hard for those of you looking for home solutions, if I can do it you sure can.

There are all types of videos on YouTube for DIY packing too!

Check the bottom of this post for links to things I’ve mentioned!

My Favorites

After trying some basic packers and harnesses, I ended up getting an STP from FreeTom Prosthetics but I was still determined to pack without a harness.

Luckily with this STP, all I need is a comfy pair of boxer briefs.


Boxer briefs manage to keep the STP against my anatomy without sacrificing any comfort and are snug enough that I don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. Occasionally throughout the day I’ll have to adjust it, especially on hotter days, but everyone has to adjust themselves sometimes.

No biggie.

If you would rather have a harness and not worry about your junk moving around, I do have another solution for you that includes packing underwear but no peeing lessons.

I know, bummer right?

Aside from my FreeTom 4 in 1 STP, I have a basic packer from TransTape and a basic STP from Rodeoh.

Since I’m lucky enough to choose my Johnson, I have a few. Can you blame me?

The difference between these is that you can’t use a basic packer to pee standing up.

Easy enough.

Since the basic packer isn’t meant to be an STP device, it doesn’t have the opening that’s shaped to sit comfortably against your anatomy.

Great, we need a harness then, don’t we?

No, not necessarily!

You could try packing underwear which is basically a harness built in to comfy briefs, or a Joey pouch which is a pouch you pin to the inside of your underwear.

I ended up buying some packing underwear from Rodeoh when they came out with TRUHK so I was already prepared. And not only are they super comfortable, you can wear them with almost ANY packer or STP!

Another great thing about them is that you don’t have to worry about having the right size O-Ring either.

And if you didn’t know, O-Rings are what’s used in most packing underwear and harnesses to keep your buddy in their place. There are different sizes for different peckers.

Yes, I said peckers, not packers.

Alternatives Worth a Peek

I mentioned the foam inserts earlier but I’ve never personally used one. From what I understand, you can use most packing underwear to pack with one and they are the cheapest option besides a balled-up pair of socks or other DIY’s.

If you enjoy a nice all-in-one option, there’s a company named GMPwear that sells pre-packed boxers for Transmen. They run a little on the snug side from what I’ve been told, so I would consider ordering one size up.

I would probably consider the pre packed option if you’re a frequent flyer at the gym. Packers at the gym can get a little..


You also might remember me talking about TransTape’s tape in a previous post about binding, but you can use it for packing too! I personally haven’t tried this, but the individuals who do seem more than impressed with the results.

This is another harness free option, but like anything else it takes time, patience and practice.

This WAS Fun

I could talk about packers, STP’s, briefs and harnesses forever, but I’m going to let you off the hook and wrap it up before I make my own head spin.

Doesn’t take much.

It took a while to get used to the feeling of packing and some much-needed practice in the art of peeing, but I can now use a STP in a public restroom comfortably. Without a harness. Most of the time.

I still love a good stall.

Stay positive. You’re perfect.

Don’t let the bully keep you down.

Talk to you soon,


FTM Essentials (A One Stop Shop):

TransTape (FinallyMe10 for 10% off):

GMPwear Pre Packed Boxers:

Joey Packer Pouch:

TransTape Packing Tutorials:

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