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TransTape Merch

Gender affirming tape aside, TransTape also has merch! From t-shirts to duffle bags, TransTape offers a variety of merch so you can show your support and spread the good word to the people around you. Check it out!

Hey, friend!

I have gathered y'all here today to let you know that TransTape offers more than just rolls of gender affirming tape.

They have merch!

If you're in the market for a new shirt to lounge in or maybe a new water bottle, look no further!

Tanks, T's, sweatshirts, swimwear and more!

Besides being a great gift idea, merch can also be a good way to show your support and subtly let people know that you're a safe person.

How cool is it to spot the logo out in public?!

I haven't had the pleasure of spotting another TransTape user out in the wild yet, but when I inevitably do it's going to be a good time.

I figured I'd give you guys a little break from the usual recap on what exactly TransTape is this time, but don't get used to it!

This is a once in a while type of deal.

But since you are not forced to read the usual recap, I do expect you to read this post without skipping any sections.

And I think that's pretty fair.


Tanks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, swim wear, what more could you really ask for?

Here we have the swim trunks.

So basically, you could tape up then throw on a pair of these trunks and you're ready to enjoy some water.

And just a friendly reminder that TransTape is sweat proof and water proof.

You know, since we didn't have the recap and all. Thought you might have forgotten.

TransTape also offers a bikini and a one piece suit.

So if swim trunks aren't your thing, don't sweat it!

And over here we have the tank top.

One of my favorite gym shirts is actually a TransTape muscle shirt. Unfortunately the muscle shirt isn't available anymore but this may be my passive way of asking for it to come back.

I also have a regular TransTape t-shirt that's one of my go-to's for a lounging day and it's super comfortable.

100% pre-shrunk cotton, super comfortable and flexible for daily activities.

TransTape can be worn for up to a week at a time, sometimes longer depending on the application, and although you could do the same with the merch, you don't have to!

All of the clothing through TransTape is machine washable, so you can keep your new favorite hoodie and pair of joggers nice and clean.


If you love TransTape and the idea of having merch but are worried about displaying the brand name for whatever reasons, there are a few discreet options too.

Maybe you just like to keep it basic like me, totally understandable!

Regardless of why you might want discretion, you do have the option.


Not that into shirts and what not?

Totally cool.

The TransTape Merch Shop has more than just clothing.

The water bottle you saw at the beginning of this post is available, and it also comes in the discreet option where it only has "TT" on it.

In the merch shop you can also find a stylish duffel bag to accompany you on your adventures as well as a beanie to keep your head warm on your journey.

Both the duffel bag and beanie are available as discreet.

Most importantly though, you will find the official TransTape scissors in the merch store.

Do you know why that's so important?

It's important because we need to be rounding our corners!

Rounding the corners of your tape helps prevent peeling and provides a smoother and more contoured application.

So you should grab some scissors while you're shopping if you haven't been rounding your corners before you apply.

Other "Accessories"

While you're shopping merch, why not take a peak at the other stuff?

Like accessories!

Who doesn't love a good accessory.

On the TransTape website, you can navigate to the "Shop" drop down and right above the "Merch" tab you'll see "Accessories."

It's before the merch, so you should probably go there first.

Here you can find nipple guards, o-rings and the scissors.

Scissors are listed twice, maybe grab a pair for $5.

Nipple guards are good to keep around because you can always use them on your off days too.

At least that's what I, and a few others, like to do with them.

And of course, if you're someone who packs (among other things), o-rings are also great to keep around.

It never hurts to have extras and be prepared!

And that includes having extra removal oil and repairing salve!

Both of these things can be used outside of TransTape, too.

Jojoba oil, which is what the removal oil is made from, is great for your hair and skin.

After a shower, I use it on my beard, face and head hair!

And the repairing salve actually makes a great lip balm!

And who doesn't need an extra lip balm?

There's a lot more than just starter kits and rolls of TransTape for sale on the official website, so next time you're bored, take a look around!

You might find something cool or learn something new.


Did anything catch your eye?

Thinking about getting a new rest day hoodie?

We all gotta get an over-sized rest day hoodie.

I mentioned seeing the TransTape logo out in the wild earlier, but I wanted to bring that up again.

Seeing a logo like TransTape, even the discreet one, could spark a new friendship but it could also be a reminder for someone that they're not alone.

And we all need that reminder sometimes.

Until next time,

Stay awesome,

Stay beautiful,

Stay you.

You are loved and it gets better.

Talk to you soon,


Welcome to the cool kids club!

My name is Jamie and I'm a young (ish) transman born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York state. I started my transition in May of 2017 and since then, I've made it my mission to live unapologetically as myself and spread awareness through my pursuit of happiness. I am the creator and writer of Spilling T blog, a proud affiliate of TransTape and when I'm not outside with the best dog ever or hanging out with my two cats, I make and sell my own beard care products through Buckaroo's Beard Care. I'm always looking for my next adventure and have been skydiving, road-tripping, hiking in the mountains and even served for a short time in the United States Marine Corps. My life has had its fair share of twists and turns and I hope to use those experiences to create helpful and relatable content that may help someone else navigate a difficult time in life.

Beards, Socials, Tape and Writing

Use code FINALLYME10 and Find Your Freedom with TransTape!

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