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TransTape and Travel

Whether we're hopping in the car for a cross-country road trip or jumping on the next jet for an adventure, we're going to have to prepare and pack our bags before we go! Maybe some pants, toothpaste, underwear and, you guessed it, TransTape. Travelling can be an anxiety inducing experience, especially if you're worried about staying affirmed. So let's talk about it!


If this is your first time visiting, we like to talk about TransTape here.

Shocker, right? I know.

If you're a frequent traveler, or maybe just considering taking a trip in the future, you may be curious if TransTape is travel friendly.

In short, absolutely it is!

Compression free, discreet, everything you need for travel and then some.

Before we really dig into the TSA and whippin (legal) you-ee's across the country, we're going to talk about what exactly TransTape is.

I know, I know, there's always a recap and you're a faithful blog reader and you don't think you need to read it.

I totally understand if you don't want to read the recap and that's why I'm giving you permission to skip it.

However, you're kinda hurting my feelings and you're going to have to live with that.

With that said, and if you're willing to live with the burden of hurting my feelings, feel free to move along to the travel section.

What Is TransTape?

As always, let's have a quick review on what exactly TransTape is for those of you who are reading about it for the first time.

If you're a TransTape veteran, please feel free to skip ahead.

But you might learn something new, you never know!

TransTape is the original body transformation system and has been around since 2016 when Kaiyote Jackson, the coolest guy ever, created it!

TransTape can be used for chest binding, tucking, packing and many more uses to come!

You can also use it in place of bras, binders, gaffes and other self-affirming products.

There isn't necessarily a right or wrong way to use TransTape, maybe a few things to avoid, but there is your way!

This durable, irresistible tape is 95% cotton, 5% spandex and made with a latex free, non-medicated medical grade acrylic adhesive.

Even though TransTape is made with hypoallergenic materials, it is always recommended to complete a test strip before fully applying for the first time!


One of the best things about TransTape is being able to safely wear it for up to 5 days!

In some cases, depending on your skin and application, you may even get more time out of your application.

While wearing TransTape, you're free to do everything from showering, working, swimming, sleeping and so much more!

You can do everything in your TransTape. 

It's water-proof, sweat-proof and adventure-proof!


The TransTape team has been and will always be committed to delivering quality products and experiences to all of us.

What more could you really ask for?!


I had mentioned earlier that travel can be anxiety inducing and it can be for quite a few different reasons.

New environments, new people, packing, planning, whatever the reason may be, it's a valid one.

One that I didn't mention, and that we'll be talking the most about, is making sure you stay affirmed throughout the stressful experience.

When I stay, "stay affirmed," I mostly mean ensuring you feel your absolute best when you're navigating something stressful like travel.

For example, if you're someone who prefers to keep their chest bound, you may be concerned with how long your flight is and if you'd be able to bind safely for the whole flight.

Or maybe, you're someone who packs or tucks and is self conscious about possibly having to use a public restroom.

Maybe even using one for the first time due to travel, that can be scary!

Regardless of what your valid reasoning is, we're going to talk about a few things that TransTape may make easier for you.

Let's get into it!

Air Travel

I wouldn't consider myself a frequent flyer, but I've flown a few times and can definitely understand why some people, including myself sometimes, struggle with anxiety over it.

It is stressful.

And then to add gender affirmation on your list of things to do?


When I think about flying, one of the first things I think of is TSA.

TSA may or may not be one of the biggest reasons I avoid flying when I can.

What do you mean I can't bring a water bottle that I bought inside this very airport with me on my two hour flight that you delayed last minute?

Not only do you need to be obnoxiously early for your flight, so you can account for waiting on your beverage to be confiscated, you're likely going to walk through a full body scanner and/or get wanded down.

How embarrassing.

Years ago, before I transitioned and was in the military nonetheless, I was passing through a scanner with a friend when I was told to stop and try again.

I was concerned because I thought I had absolutely nothing on my person that would set off the scanner. I walked through again and sure enough, it went off again.

And I don't think I'm alone in this, but I'll get anxious over something I didn't even do. I knew I didn't have anything illegal or problematic, but I was worried that somehow someone must have put something on my person.

In this particular situation, what set off the machine was the underwire of the bra I was wearing.

And the reason I ended up being pulled aside and wanded was because the TSA employees had assumed I was a man, therefore assuming I couldn't possibly be wearing a bra.

That awkward moment when TSA knows before you.

The reason I bring this up is because unlike a lot of bras, TransTape doesn't contain anything that would set off a scanner or a wand.

Like I mentioned in our TransTape recap, if you stuck around to read it, TransTape is made of a 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend.

I don't know about you, but I'm not detecting anything that would make TSA sad.

It can definitely be reassuring to know that there's one less thing that could cause a ruckus in your already stressful experience at the airport.

Regardless of what you may be using TransTape for, take solace in the fact that it will not set off and scanners or wands at the airport.

Road Trips

Similar to traveling by plane, road tripping can be a stressful experience as well.

As much as I love a good road trip and traveling by car with my dog, it can definitely stress me out and cause some anxiety on the way to my destination.

TransTape comes in handy for a few things when it comes to a long car ride.

First and foremost, the length of time you can wear it for!

Once you apply TransTape, we also covered this in the recap, you can wear it for up to 5 whole days.

Depending on your application, body sensitivity and personal preferences, you may wear it for as short as one day or as long as two weeks. Listen to your body and use your best judgement.

When it comes to binding, the first thing a lot of people think of is a binder.

And if you're familiar with binders, you probably know that there is the suggested time limit on wearing them of 8 hours.

If you didn't know, now you do.

And I'm horrible at math and such but I'm pretty sure 5 days is a lot longer than 8 hours.

I could be wrong though, I'm humble.

If you're only in the car for a two hour drive, this may not be earth shattering news to you.

But if you're like me and will happily take on full days of driving for a nice view or a good sandwich, this could make or break your road trip.

I took a road trip with my dog from New York to Montana and the drive itself was about 36 hours, 4.5x the length of time it's recommended to wear a binder for. That time isn't accounting for any of the many stops I made, either! I was extremely thankful for TransTape during this road trip for many reasons.

Aside from the length of time you can wear it for, TransTape is very discrete and this is awesome when you're traveling to new and unfamiliar places.

Especially if you're anxious, like me.

One of the things that was really stressful during that long road trip, was having to stop at so many unfamiliar rest stops to use the bathroom.

Fun fact about me, I get pee shy in public bathrooms. Especially unfamiliar ones on the side of the road in the mid west!

It can be stressful because it's a new and unusual setting but also because you never know what type of people you may encounter.

And thankfully with TransTape, you can feel affirmed discreetly.

I used TransTape for binding and packing during my long trip. I was able to confidently use the men's restroom and even the urinals at a few of them.

Tape and Go!

3, 2, 1, blast-off!

Or peel out if you're road-tripping.

Traveling can be stressful for everybody, no matter how you decide to do it.

I don't even want to think about traveling by boat.

Everything from the planning process to reaching your destination can be a hassle and that's why it's always good to know that certain aspects of your trip will go smoothly.

For example, everything will go smoothly if you use TransTape. That's an absolute fact and I will not admit otherwise.

TransTape offers a compression free, discreet option for gender affirming needs and that alone can take a lot of anxiety or stress off your shoulders.

It's also super portable and easy to pack away into a small bag.

And a friendly reminder, it's perfectly normal to feel some anxiety when you're traveling.

Especially traveling to somewhere new and/or unfamiliar.

But it's also okay to feel excited about traveling at the same time!

Feeling anxious doesn't cancel out the excitement and vice versa, you are allowed to feel your feelings.

Even if you have a bunch at the same time, that's 100% okay and normal!

Feel those feelings, my friend!

Whatever your plans are, I hope you're looking forward to them and that they go smoother than you can even imagine.

If you use TransTape, they'll go smoothly.

But in all seriousness, if you plan on traveling, be patient with yourself and take it one day at a time.

We both know it's stressful to travel, we just talked about it.

Light a candle, breathe a little deeper, take a warm shower and get some proper sleep.

Self-love, or whatever.

Until next time,

Stay awesome.

Stay beautiful.

Stay you.

You are loved and it gets better.

Talk to you soon,


Welcome to the cool kids club!

My name is Jamie and I'm a young (ish) transman born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York state. I started my transition in May of 2017 and since then, I've made it my mission to live unapologetically as myself and spread awareness through my pursuit of happiness. I am the creator and writer of Spilling T blog, a proud affiliate of TransTape and when I'm not outside with the best dog ever or hanging out with my two cats, I make and sell my own beard care products through Buckaroo's Beard Care. I'm always looking for my next adventure and have been skydiving, road-tripping, hiking in the mountains and even served for a short time in the United States Marine Corps. My life has had its fair share of twists and turns and I hope to use those experiences to create helpful and relatable content that may help someone else navigate a difficult time in life.

Beards, Socials, Tape and Writing

Use code FINALLYME10 and Find Your Freedom with TransTape!

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