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First Time User: Binding

If you're a first time user, you may have some questions before diving into your first application. Before this post, I wrote another first time user post with some pre-taping tips that we'll recap here, but you should still give it a read! This post is not a step by step how to bind, only a few beginner binding tips, but you can find the step by step here.

Hello, all!

What a wonderful day to learn more about TransTape, am I right?

If you've read, "First Time User: Before You Tape," you're probably ready to get to it!

In that post, we covered what exactly TransTape is, doing a test strip, taking time to prep your tape and getting into a good mindset. Everything to know before you actually go ahead and tape!

Worth checking out, if you haven't!

On the off chance you decided to skip that post, we're gonna have a super quick recap though.

Don't you dare skip this part too.

TransTape Recap

If you're familiar with TransTape you might not need this part.

But if you're a first time user, I would give it a quick read.

Skip if you must, I'll only cry about it later.


TransTape is the original body transformation system that allows users to find freedom in their skin for days at a time.

TransTape helps users accomplish this by being a compression free alternative to binders, bras, packing harnesses, gaffes and other gender-affirming products.

Anyone can use TransTape, including people with sensitive skin and people with conditions, such as asthma.

This is due to the high quality materials used in the tape and it's adhesive.

And the backless, compression free design.

Whether your days involve hanging out on the couch binging Netflix or climbing to the top of Mount Everest, TransTape is up to the task and will keep you covered for up to 5 days, or even longer.

This incredible sweat-proof and waterproof body transformation system can be used by anyone.

As I mentioned earlier, it really is for everybody.

But that doesn't mean that you don't have to do a test strip first!

Test strips are extremely important when you are using TransTape for the first time.

The reason it's so important is because it will let you know how your body reacts to the adhesive before applying to a larger, and often sensitive, area on your body.

Regardless if you believe you have sensitive skin or not, do the test strip.

TransTape is wonderful, made from high quality materials, and made to help anyone find their freedom. But unfortunately, that doesn't mean that it'll work with everyone's skin.

With that said, do your test strip so you can be sure that it's safe to use TransTape.

And if you feel any pain, severe itching, discomfort or notice a rash forming in the surrounding area, remove your tape immediately.

Last but not least in this long winded recap, prepare your tape and your mind!

Prepping your tape and clearing a work area can save you more than just time.

It can save you some sanity, too.

Knowing everything is pre-cut to your liking, corners are rounded, and that all of your supplies are in one area can be great for creating a more pleasant experience.

It helps me go into the application with confidence which in return, tends to give me much better results.

Setting aside time specifically for taping can also be helpful!

This helps remove any pressure and can take away the anxiety of making yourself late for something or for "taking too long".

There's no such thing as taking too long when it comes to TransTape. There's no ideal time frame or goal, everybody is different and there's nothing wrong with taking your time.

You should always take your time!

You understand what TransTape is, that test strips are a necessary evil and preparing for your application can save you time and stress.

Now, let's mentally prepare ourselves and start taping!

Mental Prep

We covered this a little bit in the last post but it's extremely important so we're going to start off with this one.

Mentally preparing for taping is super important!

I cannot stress this enough.

When we are using TransTape, there's a pretty good chance that we're using it on a part of our body that may bring us some discomfort.

This isn't true for everybody, but it is true for a lot of people so that's why it's important to talk about it.

I know for me, my chest can bring up a lot of uncomfortable feelings so I always make sure to check my mentality before diving in.

I always like to say, set the mood for yourself.

Setting the mood is different for everybody!

This could mean lighting some candles, burning some incense, meditating, putting on some music or maybe it just means a nice relaxing cup of tea.

Whatever it may be, spoil yourself and set the mood.

You'll notice that taping becomes a lot easier, or just doable, when you start to associate it with happy things.

Taping my chest in a bad mood never goes well, but taping myself when I'm in a great mood leaves me feeling invincible.

It's important to set aside time to take care of yourself.

So don't forget to do it.

Avoid Overstretching

Finally, we've made it to the new, non-recap content.

One of the most common mistakes with people taping for the first time is that they overstretch their tape.

Overstretching your tape doesn't just lead to a little discomfort, it can lead to serious blisters on your skin.

The reason this happens is because the adhesive is meant to hold.

And that adhesive will hold regardless of how your skin feels about it.

Overstretching creates a lot of tension.

When overstretched, our skin is constantly being pulled and tugged on which is extremely uncomfortable and it'll start to form nasty blisters in no time.

To avoid overstretching, place the beginning and end of your strip without any tension at all.

Only stretch the middle portion of each strip.

We all make mistakes and honestly, we're probably all guilty of overstretching our tape at least once or twice.

If not more than that.

But that's okay!

Now we know to avoid stretching the whole strip and to only stretch the middle portion instead.



Try to stay aware of how much you are stretching your tape during your application, if you start to feel a little bit itchy after you lay a strip down, that could be an early indicator of overstretching.

Assuming you did your test strip and your skin isn't having an allergic reaction.

"Perfect" Placement

This one used to get to me all the time, let's dig in.

Before going into taping for the first time, I highly recommend letting go of the idea that it's going to be perfectly symmetrical.

I know, unsymmetrical things drive me crazy too.


Having a perfectly symmetrical application, especially when you're new to taping, isn't the most realistic vision to have going in.

You should do your best to stay focused on how you're taping and how you feel instead of focusing on how the application looks in the mirror.

Your application should be comfortable and allow you to move freely.

Who cares if the strips are angled differently or if you use 3 strips on one side and 2 on the other?

And for the record, I don't think anyone has a perfectly symmetrical body.

We're only human, guys!

Or at least I think most of us are.

I think it's also super important to remember that nobody has a perfectly flat chest.

Don't try to argue with me either, you'll lose.

Wanting a perfectly flat chest where there are no bumps or anything is not a realistic goal to have when you're binding.

Striving for absolute flatness can actually be a common causes of overstretching, too. This is because we are so focused on trying to be impossibly flat that we forget about all the tension between the tape and our skin that we're causing.

Keeping your expectations realistic when binding with TransTape plays a huge role in how the application will go.

Remember that each side may look a little bit different and that your chest isn't going to completely disappear and make your chest as flat as a pancake.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I'm not trying to discourage you at all. Nobody on this planet has a perfectly flat and symmetrical chest. Don't let your brain bully you into feeling differently!

And just throwing this out there while I'm at it, there's a good chance nobody is going to notice the tiny things that you may notice either.

Things like the right-side being a smidge higher than the left.

We are our own biggest critics.

Chances are, our standards for ourselves are way higher than the standard some stranger on the street holds us too.

Hell they probably don't even hold us to any standard because they're a stranger! Get what I'm saying?

Don't be too hard on yourself and try to remember that applications aren't meant to be perfect.

They're meant to help you feel better and more like yourself and that's not the definition of perfection, my friend.

Use More Tape

I promise this isn't just me telling you to buy more tape, although it never hurts to have some extra lying around!

When I first started binding with TransTape, I was always scared to use too much tape for some reason.

I used an entire roll of tape with my first couple applications, lots of trial and error!

Like I said before, nobody is perfect and nobody gets it perfect the first time.

If you did, props to you because that couldn't be me.

Never be afraid to use more tape though, your application will never improve if you don't give it more than one try and unfortunately that involves using more tape.

If your strips aren't laying right, cut some new ones and try again!

If you don't like the way one side came out, remove it and try again!

Tape already starting to peel up after you just applied?

Remove it, wipe your skin down with some rubbing alcohol and, you guessed it, try again!

Never be afraid to use more tape, especially when you're a beginner.

We've all been there!

If your application isn't coming out how you feel like it should, there's no shame in adding an extra strip or just starting over altogether either.

No shame at all, been there done that.

Even if you're not a total beginner and have been using TransTape for a while, our bodies do change over time and maybe your application technique could use a revamp.

Again, there's no shame in using more tape or trying something new!

Bodies are weird and do weird body things and that's completely normal for everybody.

My personal advice would be to start off using 4 strips and adjust from there. But again, every body is different and you should adjust as you feel needed. You know your body the best out of everyone!

Best Of Luck!

You're more than ready to bind with TransTape for the first time now, I believe in you!

Trying something new can be really intimidating, especially something like binding with TransTape.

I completely understand!

Following the few tips I've shared over the last couple of posts will definitely have you pointing in the right direction, but there are other resources to help you even more!

In addition to this blog, on the TransTape website, you have access to an entire video course, the user manual, frequently asked questions and a live chat where someone can walk you through your application step by step!

And offer advice on the spot!

Aside from the official website, you can find more information and tutorials on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

No matter what, you are in good hands and I think you are going to do fantastic.

Remember, learning something new takes time and nobody is expecting you to be a professional your first time.

Perfection isn't the goal, finding your freedom is.

And you'll find it in no time.

You got this.

Until next time,

Stay awesome,

Stay beautiful,

Stay you.

You are loved and it gets better.

Talk to you soon,


Welcome to the cool kids club!

My name is Jamie and I'm a young (ish) transman born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York state. I started my transition in May of 2017 and since then, I've made it my mission to live unapologetically as myself and spread awareness through my pursuit of happiness. I am the creator and writer of Spilling T blog, a proud affiliate of TransTape and when I'm not outside with the best dog ever or hanging out with my two cats, I make and sell my own beard care products through Buckaroo's Beard Care. I'm always looking for my next adventure and have been skydiving, road-tripping, hiking in the mountains and even served for a short time in the United States Marine Corps. My life has had its fair share of twists and turns and I hope to use those experiences to create helpful and relatable content that may help someone else navigate a difficult time in life.

Beards, Socials, Tape and Writing

Use code FINALLYME10 and Find Your Freedom with TransTape!

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